Welcome to Trinity House

Trinity House is a non-denominational, free flow worship center powered with a vision to build leaders, professionals, and leaders to be.

The church has its vision “Changing Lives, Fulfilling Destines, and Transforming Nations”, and its mission is “To build a people of change, influence, and impact; For people to take their various leadership roles and fulfill their purpose on earth; To make the world a better place where everyone can fit in; And to bring the impact of Christianity beyond Christians and the church into the larger society”.

Everyone is welcome at Trinity House: young and old, rich and poor, all denominations and nations; it is a place where everyone is comfortable and can fit in.

The church has a strong support system for the weak and downtrodden in the society. Its goal is to teach people to live right according to God’s, spread the word, preach the gospel and bring the impact of Christianity beyond Christians and the immediate Church and into the larger society.

The church has a strong spiritual base with a lot of prayers, praise, worship, deliverance and sound teaching of the word featuring different teachers and teaching styles.

According to Pastor Ituah, “We are a disciplined, smart and efficient group of people who encourage individual and corporate creativity. Our worship center is a peaceful place of excellence, simplicity, and elegance where there is always something exciting going on; a center where there are different types of practical and realistic down to earth activities”.

The church intends to “take the church out of church’ to meet the people, and their needs using its motto obtained from the book of Acts chapter 10, verse 38: “Everywhere he went he was doing good.” We intend to be a voice to leadership across all sectors and challenge leaders to do the right thing in the right way that will bring about a positive and lasting change.”
ing change.”

Our Pastors

Pastor Ituah Photo
Asst. Pastor Niyi Akenzua
Niyi Akenzua
Minister Bayo Rotimi
Bayo Rotimi